About Us

This is 8-Bit Goldfish, a company formed to create and distribute animated comedies on the web. The company was founded by Joe Centner and Sean Gitter. The two grew up together drawing and designing their own comics and characters, which were mostly influenced by the video games they played and anime they watched. In their early twenties, they were both asked to create a comic that was meant to hit the mainstream. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, the comic never saw the light of day.

Almost a decade later, they came up with the idea that would become Sean and Such, which is based both on their experience working in a pet store and Sean’s stand-up routine. They employed the help of sound engineer, Dave Park to help give the show a professional sound. The show is recorded at his studio in Staten Island, NY called Retro Rock Studios. Sean and Joe also got extra assistance from their long time friend, Justin Tung who assists in directing and provides many of the voices for the show, including Roman. They also have the help of Matt Bartolo, another friend of theirs who views and edits many of the episodes before they go out. Sean and Joe also have the assistance of a talented group of actors (both professional and amateur) which all bring their own special brand of comedy to the characters they play.

Sean and Such first aired online on November 13, 2010. The first season continued to air throughout the following year. Sean and Joe plan to finish the season by the end of winter 2011. They will follow up with many more seasons of the show, as well as other animated projects, podcasts and online comics.

Anyone wishing to follow all aspects of the show, as well as updates on future projects, can subscribe to our Facebook, YouTube and Twitter pages. If you have any questions, you can ask them on our message box or e-mail us directly. Hope to hear from you guys. Thanks for watching.


We're kind of sort of almost normal people just like you and would love to hear what you think about what we're doing! Send us a comment or something!!

Team Members

  • Joe C

    Joe Centner

    Co-Founder / Writer

    This is our main man right here. He writes like a champ but doesn't spell very well.

  • Sean G

    Sean Gitter

    Co-Founder / Artist

    The reason the show came into existance is because of this guy. He doesn't have the best luck but he can draw pretty well.

  • Justin T

    Justin Tung

    Voice Actor / Moral Support

    Justin is a man of many voices. His talents know no bounds. He may live miles away but he’s always here in spirit.

  • Jayson V

    Jayson Valentin

    Voice Actor / Loud Clapper

    Jay is a superstar and his positive outlook and support are second to none.